There will be no Gymnastics classes until further notice. Please check this page for any updates.

Rhythmic Gymnastics combines grace and elegance with strength and skill. There are 5 categories of apparatus that the gymnast uses: Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon and Rope. The younger gymnasts will also perform a 'Free' routine.

Hoop: The first piece younger gymnasts learn is hoop - Dynamic and dramatic, the hoop can be thrown and caught in ways you would not believe! Again the gymnasts uses all 4 elements in the routines

Free: Free routines are performed in the Under 12 age groups they require the gymnast to show leaps, jumps, pivots and flexibility moves. No apparatus is used.

Ball: Balletic and beautiful - The ball requires great displays of flexibility, the ball should never be held, notice handling skills with throws and catches, the routine must include a series of small bounces

Rope: In a rope routine the gymnast must show leaps and jumps and perform a series of skips. The rope needs to keep its shape - which is very difficult to do. Gymnasts learn Ball and Rope in the Under 12 age group

Ribbon:  The final two pieces that the gymnast will learn are ribbon and clubs. The ribbon is the apparatus most associated with rhythmics. It requires the gymnast to show pivots and to keep the ribbon moving all of the time. Watch out for spirals, snakes and coils.

Clubs:Gymnast need to show great balancing as well as “Juggling” skills. The clubs routine need to show mills (Little twirls) and tosses as well as asymmetric moves.